• Origin of Yuan Dan
  • New Year's Day food: dumplings
  • New Year's Day food: rice cake
  • Culture Corner of Chinese:Merry Christmas
  • 圣诞词汇卡 Christmas Vocabulary
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Top ten news keywords in 2010


NO.1 上海世博会 Expo of Shanghai

NO.2 中国文化年 Chinese Culture Year

NO.3 汉语热 Chinese Booming

NO.4 申遗 UNESCO pretection for the intangible cultural heritage list

NO.5 给力 gěi lì

NO.6 嫦娥二号 lunar probe Chang'e-2

NO.7 天河一号 Tianhe-1

NO.8 广州亚运会 Guangzhou Asian Games

NO.9 高铁 high-speed railway

NO.10 微博 micro-blogging

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